The members of the OMAR association include emergency centers of insurers, ambulance transporters with a specific foreign license and KLM Health Services. These organizations are members of OMAR and in this context set quality standards for the international transport – whether by air or ambulance – of patients.

  • Airport Medical Services
  • Allianz
  • ANWB alarmcentrale
  • Eurocross Assistance
  • SOS international
  • VHD
  • Broeder de Vries
  • BAS ambulance service
  • IMC
  • PIPe Assistance Solutions
  • Meditrans
  • VZA International
  • Wegmoo
  • Medic Mobility Service

Prospective members

The aspiring members of OMAR have a fixed-term membership (for the duration of one year after registration). This may, for example, concern new ambulance transporters with a foreign license. After one year, the prospective membership can be converted into a membership for an indefinite period. Prospective members are full members of the association in the first year and therefore have voting rights and pay a contribution to OMAR

Associate members

Associate Members endorse OMAR’s purpose, but are not members of the association. Associate Members have no voting rights and do not pay dues to the Association. Associate members are admitted by the board of the association as observers to the general assembly of OMAR.